City of Bozeman

The City of Bozeman, Montana, needed a better system for managing their water conservation rebate program in order to meet increasing demand for water from the growing community.

By using FME with Geocortex, they developed a Rebate Viewer that enables the project team to enter and track multiple attributes for each rebate, and view rebate information and location on an interactive map. FME automates the calculation of the full rebate amount and visualization of the corresponding geospatial location.

Choosing FME to automate rebate processing helps the City of Bozeman improve program efficiency, replace manual processes, and make data driven decisions. Water conservation staff can easily access and manage rebate information, and export it for specialized analysis. The rebate location map provides useful data to inform decision making regarding program growth.

The City of Bozeman is the fastest growing micropolitan city in the United States with a population growth rate of 4.25%.

“Get FME! You’ll save yourself a staff member! Seriously, you’ll automate everything.” -- Tara Preston, City of Bozeman