City of Austin

The City of Austin annually updates the multitude of maps impacted by annexation. By automating this process with FME, they now save 900 hours each year.

The parcels of land that the City annexes must be reflected in the city’s maps and spatial database. The team implemented FME and ArcGIS Workflow Manager to automatically edit the five affected data layers, update their ArcSDE database, create their 21 standard maps, and publish them to the City’s FTP site and open data portal.

In less time than it took to run their previous process, their FME workflows were operational. The simplicity of FME has also made it possible for anyone on the team to kick off the workflows. The success has inspired plans for expanding FME’s reach to run the project’s workflows on a schedule, automate notifications, and apply inspector boundaries.

The state capital of Texas, USA, the City of Austin has a population of nearly 1 million people, with another million residents in its surrounding metropolitan area.

“If you feel like you’re fighting with your data to get it to do what you want, FME was made to help you.” -- John Cook, City of Austin