City of Auburn

The City of Auburn needed to convert raw crimes data from their proprietary Linux system in their ArcGIS SDE environment for online mapping applications. The problem was that their crimes data did not have a coordinate system or any other spatial data components aside from addresses.

They needed to add spatial components to the data so it could be transformed for public viewing. Their previous solution was to use Python, but it wasn’t user-friendly.

How they made it possible using the #1 tool for spatial data integration. 

Using FME Desktop, they created a workflow that adds the spatial component to the data, transforms the data for public viewing, performs quality assurance and control checks, renames attributes, and translates the output for the destination system.

They then implemented FME Server to automate the process to run nightly and provide email notifications regarding the workflow’s success.

Implementing FME was a major improvement over their Python scripts. They can easily update codes and field changes, others can edit the workflows even with minimal knowledge of FME, FME Server logs and alerts task success and failure, and the friendly user interface makes setup easy.

The City of Auburn is located in the state of Washington, USA.

“FME is one of the greatest tools I have in my toolbox! It’s helped do everything from converting data types quickly, exporting data automatically, to streamlining a lot of our daily GIS processes. If it wasn’t for FME I would still be in the ‘dark ages’ of data manipulation.” -- Alice Pence, City of Auburn