City of Oak Ridge

The City of Oak Ridge needed to import AutoCAD data into their GIS because their Electric Department was phasing out the use of CAD for mapping.

First-time FME user Kenric McCay watched webinars and visited the FME Knowledge Center forum to identify his ideal workflow. Then he created a workspace that would migrate his team’s CAD data into a Shape file for import into their GIS, while maintaining the critical anchor points during the import.

The FME workflow automated what would have otherwise been a manually-intensive process involving many repetitive steps. It can be reused as needed, and performs the import while ensuring that the integrity of the original CAD dataset arrives intact.

The City of Oak Ridge is located in the state of Tennessee in the USA.

“Without FME, it would have taken quite a bit of time to finish this. Not only did FME help us with the conversion process but with other tasks. We cannot wait to implement FME more into our work. There are many resources to help a person become more familiar with FME such as their webinars, forums, and tutorial videos. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.” -- Kenric McCay, City of Oak Ridge