City of Malmö, Sweden

The Malmö City Planning Office wanted to make a 3D printed model of their city. Rather than purchasing this data, they wanted more control over it, so they made their 3D model from scratch.

They used FME Desktop to integrate disparate datasets such as orthophotos, ASCII grids, extrude building footprints, survey trees and other details, and combine these into a 3D data model. The workflow then tiled the dataset according to their requirements and output it in an Autodesk format that can feed right into the printer.

They now have a complete 3D printed model of their city. When a building proposal is presented, they can switch out a complete tile of that section of the model and replace it with the proposed structure for the public to view.

The city of Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and is a world leader in sustainable development.