California Earthquake Authority

  • 1M+ Number of CEA policyholders.

  • 1 Minute Between initial notification and the email delivery.

  • 2-3 Earthquakes a year in CA that cause damage.

The CEA protects livelihoods with accurate and timely earthquake reporting.

California gets two or three earthquakes at a magnitude of 5.5 or higher every year. These earthquakes can happen at any time and are large enough to cause moderate damage to homes and structures.

For many residents in California, having an earthquake insurance policy safeguards their livelihoods and provides peace of mind. Which is why the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) needs to know immediately when an earthquake occurs with the potential to impact their policyholders.

They needed a near real-time notification service to read the spatial dataset from their chosen earthquake feed and identify significant earthquakes.

How they made it possible – no code required.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) collates earthquake data into its Shakemap dataset and offers an email notification service, which CEA monitors using FME Cloud. When new maps become available, FME Cloud triggers an FME Desktop workflow to read the Shakemap GeoJSON feed and identify if earthquakes in California are of significant magnitude to cause property damage. If so, the workflow extracts applicable shaking intensity data from relevant Shakemap Shapefiles, places it into an Excel report, and emails this to stakeholders, all within minutes of the earthquakes being detected.

The claims department now receives near real-time reports of any earthquakes that may damage policyholders’ residences. By choosing to deploy FME technology in the cloud, CEA saves the costs of maintaining in-house servers and only pays for what they use.

FME Products Used

If you want to set up a real-time notification service, FME can help. Spend more time using data and less time fighting it. Try FME for free.

  • FME Desktop

  • FME Cloud

“FME Cloud may not run all year long if there are no earthquakes, or if there are a lot it could run often, and then not again for several months. But it’s always available, checking the feed.” -- Stephanie Halpin, California Earthquake Authority