California CAD Solutions

With more people abandoning land lines for cell phones, municipalities are faced with a difficult challenge in making targeted emergency broadcasts (Reverse 911) to citizens. California CAD helped their municipal client increase quantity of usable mobile numbers for reverse 911 from 65% to 99.5% (100% for records with valid addresses).

Using FME Desktop, they replaced their traditional geocoding methods that performed slowly and had unacceptably low accuracy rates with automated, accurate, cost-effective workflows. They overcame challenges of normalizing and merging data from different vendors while validating accuracy, discovering unmatched addresses, and documenting the entire process.

The new workflow is batch processed, it’s quick and easy to incorporate any address exceptions as they are found, and the original source data is unaltered, thereby enabling a viable audit trail of information.

California CAD Solutions, Inc. has been in the Automated Mapping, Facilities Management, and Geographic Information Systems industry since 1987, specializing in doing what was said to be impossible.

“FME saved the day.” -- Amanda Graf, California CAD Solutions