CAE - Creating Winter Scenes

CAE needs to create the imagery that pilots see outside the window in aeronautical simulations for training purposes.

The CAE team uses FME to transform data in many ways. For example, they’ve created light maps, which are simulated night scene imagery that uses free OpenStreetMaps (OSM) data. They’ve also created winter scenes from summer scenes, using FME to composite the OSM data street data with the summer scenes to virtually plow roads.

FME regularly saves the team time and makes complex data manipulation challenges possible to overcome, quickly. For example, they have reduced manual data transformation tasks that took 2-3 days, replacing them with a series of chain workspace in FME Server: now one person drops a file in once a month, and FME will process it five different ways, send emails to the relevant people, and post the results to a database.

CAE is a worldwide leader in training for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare markets.

“I have a lot of co-op students, and they all come out being FME converts, because it’s a very powerful tool.” -- Joanna Hobbins, CAE