Bureau of Land Management National Operations Center (NOC)

The Bureau of Land Management National Operations Center (NOC) needed to exercise quality control over standardized spatial data, which it harvests and maintains from 12 administrative state offices, to improve data integrity and build confidence for critical business decisions.

Using the pre-built quality control tools in FME Desktop’s graphical user interface, NOC built a reusable workflow that assesses the accuracy of data and then delivers QC reports which describe the errors for correction directly to the state offices. Once required adjustments are performed, the dataset is replicated and reconciled with the NOC’s version of that state’s data.

This FME workflow has expedited the process for both the NOC and the state offices while helping staff deliver high quality spatial data to internal and external customers.

“FME’s proven to give us a lot of advantages as to how we can help our customers, both internally and externally, maintain good quality over their data.” -- Berk Bayer, Northrop Grumman & BLM National Operations Center