Bohannan Huston

Bohannan Huston needed to perform 3D modeling of culverts to create a flowline network for their client, Santa Fe County.

Their challenge was to cut down into the model’s surface to allow accumulation to flow across man-made features. Having used FME at their firm for 10 years, they knew that rather than manually reviewing all 3,000+ sites, the could create a simple FME workflow to review the data in 3D. Using the built-in tools in FME, they constructed a 3D scene by integrating orthographic imagery, DEM surface data, reference data, and the hydro model, and then manipulated it to create both TIN and 3D model outputs.

Using FME enabled them to create powerful visualizations out of the data they already had, dramatically reducing the manual effort of flowline reviews.

Bohannan Huston is an award-winning firm specializing in engineering, spatial data, and advanced technologies in the USA.

“With FME, Bohannan Huston was able to model culverts in 3D and validate the project flowline network. I believe that we would not have been able to achieve the same results with any other geospatial solution. Thanks for making such excellent tools Safe Software.” -- Krist Nelson, Bohannan Huston