BlueDot needed an enterprise integration solution to bring data into their global early warning system for disease outbreaks.

Challenged with a huge array of data sources, they leverage FME to automate complex data and application integration workflows, build enterprise integration patterns, and synchronize processed data with their products. By leveraging Dynamic Engines in FME Server, they are able to spin up as many engines as needed across multiple machines to manage peaks in data processing demands.  

BlueDot is able to monitor 200 infectious diseases around the world on a daily basis in order to identify disease activities and contextualize disease outbreaks. By automating web scraping for disease related data, they were able to issue an alert through their Insights platform about COVID-19 seven days earlier than the World Health Organization. FME also enables them to deliver data and analytics insights to their clients’ preferred cloud data storage locations, such as Amazon S3, ArcGIS Online and Snowflake.

BlueDot empowers responses to infectious disease risks around the world using human and artificial intelligence, helping governments, businesses, and healthcare organizations safeguard lives and livelihoods.

“FME is so versatile that we found it was not just useful in one project but rather many projects. Our workflows for data integration are complex and FME workspaces are visual which makes it easier for other teammates to quickly understand the data journey.” -- Adriano Nicolucci, BlueDot