Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Data Automation

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council was facing reduced funding and staffing while seeing increased challenges with their GIS. Data was in separate siloes and processes were often manual and in some cases more laborious than they needed to be.

With training and consultancy from 1Spatial, the Council used FME to develop many new, automated processes that replaced repetitive manual tasks. The Council also used FME to improve data sharing, dissolving the boundaries between departments and driving greater collaboration and insight.

FME has enabled Barnsley’s GIS experts to spend more time developing new solutions and less on fixing old problems. What once took a day, can now be delivered in half an hour. More seamless data sharing has also improved the Council’s service to citizens while also enabling greater insight and more informed decision-making all across the Council.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council represents 230,000 residents in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

“I think despite the projects we’ve already completed, we use just 10 to 15 per cent of FME’s capabilities. We’re always finding more uses for the software.” -- Riley Marsden, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council