Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Migrating to SharePoint

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council needed to migrate more than 10 years worth of data into Microsoft SharePoint.

The team, supported by 1Spatial created FME workflows that migrated the data while maintaining access permissions and complex metadata. They were able to build and test the workflows quickly themselves.

The main advantage was that they could adjust the routines many times: they could handle different parameters, add permissions, and even build a folder hierarchy within SharePoint to sit above a migrated document. FME was flexible to resolve all of the unique and complex document migration issues the project presented.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council represents 230,000 residents in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

“We’ve saved at least £50,000. Had the project over-run, it could have cost £250,000. And, had we needed to use consultants to tackle some of the complex scenarios, we would easily have doubled the amount we spent.” -- Riley Marsden, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council