Avista Utilities

Avista Utilities needed to perform large-scale network analysis with their Esri Geometric Network beyond what it was originally set up for.

They used the Network Typology Calculator in FME to perform these additional traces on their large ArcSDE dataset, such as finding the number of meters served by each gas pressure zone, finding emergency shut-off islands, finding isolated steel pipes, and performing network health checks.

FME made it possible to perform these traces without writing code. For tracing projects that were previously possible, it reduced the time required. For example, the steel pipe trace used to take 12 hours, but with FME it now takes only 15 minutes.

Established in 1889, Avista Utilities provides electric and gas transmission and distribution to about 680,000 customers in the Northwestern USA.

“When I found other tracing situations that I wanted to do with my Esri Geometric Network, I turned to FME’s Network Typology Calculator.” -- Erika Jacobs, Avista Utilities