Auckland Council

Auckland Council needed to measure the vacant, redevelopment, and infill development capacity across residential, business and rural-residential land use designations.

Michael Oberdries, working for Critchlow Ltd, was engaged by Auckland Council to create the spatial data modelling algorithms using FME. In the graphical user interface, they applied pre-built tools to design 40 complex modeling workflows. The resulting dataset will help them better understand the quantity and location of development capacity as they seek to meet their growth projections, requiring 400,000 new dwellings available by 2041.

Because the FME workflows are self-documenting and highly annotated, they can be submitted as evidence of the modeling logic to the environment court, and senior planning staff can interpret them without programming knowledge. The workflows also allowed flexibility for changing planning provisions while avoiding unintentional algorithm changes by referencing Excel spreadsheets in which staff could update zone specific rules (ie. building setbacks).

Auckland Council is the largest in Australasia, encompassing about one third of New Zealand’s residents and the nation’s GDP.

“FME was a great platform for us because the data processing in this project is subject to environment court scrutiny. We can take these self documenting workflows and submit them as evidence around the logic that sits behind our modeling algorithms.” -- Michael Oberdries, Oberdries Consulting