Arup, Singapore

The GIS team at Arup uses FME in nearly every project they work on. From data translation and manipulation to the challenge of finding data they already have.

Arup gathers immense volumes of data from its projects globally. To make this information available for future endeavors, Arup implemented FME to spider through drives, cataloguing reusable data into a GIS database and converting it into a web map for easy access by colleagues. Desired data can then be quickly manipulated to suit the application in which it’s presently required.

FME’s automation has dramatically reduced the GIS team’s effort. They feel that many of their accomplishments might have been impossible without FME.

Arup is an independent global practice, offering services for all aspects of the built environment. The firm is responsible for the innovative engineering of world-renowned projects such as the Sydney Opera House, the Øresund Link between Denmark and Sweden, and the Beijing Olympic venues.

“I’ve said it before that you could remove every single piece of software from my desktop, but the one that I would need is FME.” - Roland Martin, Arup