Arup, Travel Survey

Arup needed to convert raw survey data into a rich, spatially-enabled database for their client, who conducts an annual commuter travel survey which collects extremely detailed information about their staff and regular visitors.

The data was presented to the team as a 250-column Excel spreadsheet with confusingly coded questions and answers, and baffling geographic data. They used FME Desktop to create workflows that cleaned up non-geographical data, and created spatial points for the locations in survey answers. They then output this information to a PostgreSQL database, QGIS, and a dashboard.

The resulting output is a rich, usable dataset that provides the client with interactive insights from the survey results. They can use this intelligence to effectively address the limited vehicle access to their campus.

Arup is an independent global practice, offering services for all aspects of the built environment. The firm is responsible for the innovative engineering of world-renowned projects such as the Sydney Opera House, the Øresund Link between Denmark and Sweden, and the Beijing Olympic venues.

“FME plays a role in pretty much everything I do.” -- Roland Martin, Arup