Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Office

The Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Office (AGISO) migrated their open data portal to the cloud to accommodate increasing web traffic and save money.

They used FME Desktop to migrate their 7+ terabytes of data to Amazon, which now also hosts the web server front end and FME Cloud physically in the same region for optimal performance. User requests in the new system, called Arkansas GIS Office, are performed in the background by FME Cloud, where a collection of FME workspaces automatically tackle the data extraction and delivery workflows requested by end users.

By eliminating in-house infrastructure, they gained robustness and saved money. Fault tolerant data storage at Amazon and FME Cloud’s monitoring removed one set of uncertainties, and the security provided by both is excellent. Finally, the cost savings are unimaginable: their three-year financial projection for in-house vs. cloud indicated the elimination of $220,000 in cost, a staggering 73.4% savings.

The Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Office coordinates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs for the State of Arkansas in the USA.

"When you combined our old rack space costs ($3,200 per month) with our 3-5yr hardware costs ($170k), migrating to Amazon and FME Cloud became an easy decision " – Seth LeMaster, Arkansas GIS Office