New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) needed a 3D building massing model for the City’s 1,000,000 buildings. AppGeo worked with DoITT to define the approach and data model, manage the effort, and provide QA/QC.

AppGeo modeled all buildings in 3D according to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) CityGML specification. AppGeo then designed an FME workflow to analyze and automate CityGML data and generate reports, efficiently checking variables including: closed 3D objects, direction of 3D walls, and validity of CityGML types associated with each building.

The 3D building models, alongside the planimetric data recently updated by AppGeo, support new ways to model and analyze the built environment and City landscape, such as this extensive study published by The New York Times that mapped shadows across the City. Access to the 3D data along with viewing tools is provided by the City.

DoIT provides the IT services, infrastructure, and telecommunications for New York City, USA. Applied Geographics (AppGeo) is a Safe Software Partner and provides consulting services and innovative solutions to solve specific geospatial IT needs.

“This deep dive into CityGML and 3D QC was only possible with FME.” -- Guido Stein, Data Alchemist and Certified FME Professional, AppGeo