Alpine Shire Council

The GIS group at Alpine Shire Council wanted to improve accuracy of bushfire risk assessments for building permits following the devastation of Black Saturday.

Using FME Desktop & FME Cloud, they designed a solution called BAL Plan that equips property assessors with trustworthy fire risk assessments drawn from real-time analyses of datasets such as topography, vegetation, and property boundaries. Designed to operate on mobile devices, it enables assessments to take place directly on the property beside the land owner making the safest place to build more easily identified.

In just a few weeks, the entire FME portion of the project was planned and implemented. When an eleventh hour change to the algorithm change was required, the team was confident that they could update BAL Plan in under an hour because it's designed visually in a user interface, with no coding or developer involvement.

Alpine Shire is located in the Australian state of Victoria, where the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires claimed 173 lives and over 2,000 properties.

“We’d been relying on FME to perform data integration on the desktop for years, so it was our obvious choice for this project. Using FME Cloud, we got all the benefits of FME Server, and the cost savings of hosting it in the cloud instead of on-site.” -- Barrett Higman, Alpine Shire Council