Affecto & Spatialworld

Affecto Estonia worked with Spatialworld to use FME for validating and integrating geodetic survey data into their GeoArchive product.

FME workflows enable geodetic surveys to be uploaded as Microstation DGN or Autodesk DWG files, and then validated against Estonian regulations. Rejected datasets are returned with an error report providing details of required corrections. Accepted datasets are integrated and can be exported on demand as CAD files.

With FME, processing speed has increased from 3-5 weeks to 2-3 days per project. Also, data can be traced and is more reliable. Multiple data sources can also now be viewed at the same time. The workload can be balanced between staff as required because project progress is easily visible, and by automating the validation process, bills are only paid when documentation is accepted.

Affecto is a Finnish company of 1,100 staff operating in the Nordic and Baltic countries, providing information management and GIS solutions.

“Our motto is that working should be fun… at least as often as possible. And with FME it often is!” -- Hannu-Pekka Rantaniemi, Spatialworld