1Spatial, Live Vessel Tracking

A new client challenged 1Spatial to develop an automated way of delivering live vessel positions to an online mapping system.

For experts in geospatial management, this task wasn’t a problem. Except there were a few catches. First, there was no available infrastructure to host software. Second, there were no developers available to help. Third, the data was subject to change. Fourth, it needed to be cost-effective. The biggest catch was that the solution needed to be live in a week.

How they made it possible – no code required. 

Supplied with the customer’s vessel position data from an API, 1Spatial deployed a solution using FME Cloud in conjunction with ArcGIS Online to create a live fleet positioning system that would update vessel locations every two minutes.

With the source data and target platform, ArcGIS Online, already in the cloud, using FME Cloud gave the customer a cost-effective and infrastructure-free way to solve their problem. FME Cloud provided logging, and automated email notifications ensured that 1Spatial and the customer would be alerted if any system components failed. Locations of tracked vessels were archived in the cloud so that their client could replay any day's activity.

1Spatial are global leaders in managing geospatial data. They deliver value through automated, rule-based solutions grounded in a deep understanding of their client's needs and challenges.

“Give FME Cloud a try; use it to play with a service that matters to you. Then take that learning and bring it to your day job.” -- David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial