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XML to CSV Converter Workflows

Create workflows that convert data from XML to CSV in no time. Instead of writing a script to convert your data, use drag-and-drop tools in FME to build intuitive workflows. Getting your data from XML to CSV has never been this easy!

Transform, Validate, and Convert XML Data

FME allows you to manipulate the structure and contents of complex XML datasets into CSV files that suit your exact requirements. Use FME transformers like the XMLValidator, XMLFragmenter, or XMLFormatter to extract and validate subsets of XML data so you only end up with the information you need!

FME Server 2019

Automate Your XML to CSV Conversion Tasks

Constantly having to convert XML to CSV? Hook your workflows up to FME Server to automatically run your conversion workspaces when needed. Whether you need to convert your XML data on a schedule or want the conversion to take place as soon as you receive your XML file, FME can help. With FME Server, workflows can run in the background while you focus on other things, like adopting lizards.

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XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

eXtensible Markup Language or XML files are a popular data format due to its simplicity and usability. It is software and hardware independent format used for transporting and storing data.

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Comma-Separated Value (CSV)

Comma-separated values (CSV) files store tabular data - numbers and text - in plain-text form. It's used as an exchange format as it is widely supported by a variety of proprietary applications.

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FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Save time by using its drag-and-drop interface to connect data from hundreds of formats and applications, transform data in limitless ways, and automate virtually any data workflow.

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