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FME is data conversion and integration technology that helps you move data from SQL Server to DocumentDB in an automated way. Through its graphical user interface you can quickly create workflows that convert SQL Server data into DocumentDB JSON without writing any code. FME natively supports both SQL Server reading and DocumentDB writing and has a library of data manipulation tools that enable you to achieve more than simple format translation. For instance, you can deconstruct a SQL Server dataset, extract subsets of data, edit contents and generate JSON that is structured exactly how you require.

By deploying FME technology via FME Server or FME Cloud, you can automate SQL Server to DocumentDB data migration tasks by configuring workflows to run at set intervals or in response to events. This ensures that your DocumentDB database is always be up to date.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a database solution with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other applications.

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Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB (DocumentDB)

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB is a NoSQL document database as a service for managing globally-distributed apps. It offers the speed and scalability of a schema-free database, while allowing users to query using familiar SQL and JavaScript syntax.

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FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Save time by using its drag-and-drop interface to connect data from hundreds of formats and applications, transform data in limitless ways, and automate virtually any data workflow.

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