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Transform OBJ Models to Cesium 3D Tiles

Place your geospatial OBJ files on the Earth’s surface by converting your models to Cesium 3D Tiles in FME. Build a workflow that’s explicitly suited for your data files. Manage attributes, or even style your models using any of the 450+ FME transformers.

The 3D Data Revolution is Here!

Whether you’ve created custom models from scratch or generated real-world models via photogrammetric methods, displaying them on Cesium’s realistic virtual globe platform is a great way to show them off. Cesium was made for the purpose of streaming large, 3D datasets quickly to allow their users to share their datasets with anyone across the web.

Getting Started with 3D

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Automate OBJ to Cesium 3D Tiles

FME is designed to improve your productivity so you can spend more time using your data and less time fighting with it. Once configured in FME’s intuitive visual interface, SHP to Cesium 3D Tile transformation workflows can run automatically in the background using FME Server. Set up schedules or trigger events to run your workflow and deliver results to those who need it.

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Wavefront OBJ

Wavefront obj is an open file format used to represent 3D geometry. Originally it was developed for Wavefront Technologies for its own software it has been widely adopted by 3D graphics applications.

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Cesium 3D Tiles

Cesium 3D Tiles define a spatial data structure and a set of tile formats designed for streaming and rendering 3D geospatial content such as Photogrammetry, 3D Buildings, BIM/CAD, Instanced Features, and Point Clouds.

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FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Save time by using its drag-and-drop interface to connect data from hundreds of formats and applications, transform data in limitless ways, and automate virtually any data workflow.

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