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Automate AutoCAD DWG to JPEG Transformation Tasks

Create automated workflows that efficiently transform AutoCAD design files into the JPG raster format. More than a format translator, FME's library of transformation tools enable you to restructure and style DWG data to produce JPEG files that look and function exactly how you need.

FME is a productivity tool designed to take you out of the DWG to JPG conversion process as much as possible. Once configured in FME's intuitive graphical interface, workflows run automatically in the background, freeing you to focus on other things. Furthermore, they can be saved and reused for ongoing DWG to JPG conversion tasks.

Download a free 30-day trial of FME and discover how it simplifies DWG to JPG conversion. With 345+ supported formats across many data types - vector, raster, tabular, database and more - you may find FME can help you overcome other data interoperability challenges as well.


Autodesk AutoCAD (DWG)

AutoCAD is design and drafting software used primarily by architects, project managers, and engineers for the creation of accurate digital drawings and models of their plans.

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JPEG refers to a method of lossy compression for digital images that allows a selectable trade off between storage size and image quality. The method gives the format of the digital images its name and file extension, JPG.

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FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Save time by using its drag-and-drop interface to connect data from hundreds of formats and applications, transform data in limitless ways, and automate virtually any data workflow.

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