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Efficiently Transform CSV Data for Display in Geospatial PDFs

Create self-moving, reusable workflows that convert and restructure CSV data for presentation in Geospatial PDF documents. FME's tools allow you to spatially enable the contents of the CSV dataset during translation to accurately present information to the end user as a Geospatial PDF. With workflows that run automatically and that can be reapplied to ongoing CSV to Geospatial PDF conversion tasks, FME saves you time and enables you to work more efficiently.



Comma-separated values (CSV) files store tabular data - numbers and text - in plain-text form. It's used as an exchange format as it is widely supported by a variety of proprietary applications.

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Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF documents can contain text, tables, and even geospatial layers to display maps with georeferenced metadata

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FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Save time by using its drag-and-drop interface to connect data from hundreds of formats and applications, transform data in limitless ways, and automate virtually any data workflow.

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