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Transform ArcGIS Data into GeoJSON in an Automated, Repetitive Way

Create reusable workflows that transform data derived using ArcGIS into GeoJSON using FME. FME's tools give you the ability to efficiently convert Shapefile to GeoJSON, while preserving attribution during the translation to maintain the integrity of the source data. Processes run without manual interference and can be repeated for ongoing SHP to GeoJSON data conversion tasks.

SHP files (Shapefiles) are commonly used in GIS technologies for displaying various vector attributes on maps. Created by Esri, this format is often used in their program called ArcGIS for analyzing and presenting spatial information. Shapefiles are useful for visually representing spatial data, but what do you do when you want to encode these features? With FME you can convert your SHP to GeoJSON so that your features can be used in various other programs that create maps and other spatial products with code.

GeoJSON is an open format based on JSON. It can be used in a variety of programs including web applications like Leaflet. Due to its simple and intuitive format, it’s very easy to use. With FME you can convert SHP to GeoJSON simply and effectively, removing or adding information along the way. FME is not just a SHP converter. It can be used with over 400 other data formats. Whether you need to convert your data for the purposes of data cleansing or as a result of having mobilized applications to collect data, FME is the data sidekick for you.

FME workflows are easy to make. Simply drag and drop the transformers that you need into your workspace to convert your SHP files to GeoJSON script exactly as you need. No coding required! Increase your productivity even more by converting shapefiles in bulk. With FME server you can run your newly created SHP to GeoJSON workflows when an event, like a new SHP file being saved, is triggered! This means you could even have your SHP data converted, structured, and written as GeoJSON overnight and ready for analysis by the time you return to the office. Like what you’re hearing? Try FME for free today!


Esri ArcGIS Shapefile (SHP)

Esri's ArcGIS is a mapping and analysis platform for creating and managing solutions through the application of geographic knowledge.

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