Autodesk InfraWorks™ and InfraWorks360 allow you to reality-capture data in minutes to provide context for designs like never before. AutoCAD Map 3D™ provides model-based GIS and mapping features to support planning, design, and data management. Both InfraWorks and Map 3D build in the ability to import from many file-based and database sources to create a base model, but when it comes to importing CityGML, Autodesk relies on Safe Software to help.

CityGML is a data model and exchange format 3D models of cities and landscapes. CityGML provides modeling of all relevant parts of the virtual city according to their semantics, geometry, topology and appearance.

Our partnership with Autodesk gives you two options for importing CityGML, both based on Safe Software’s industry-leading data transformation technology:

  • the CityGML Importer - simple loading of CityGML data into InfraWorks and Map 3D
  • FME Desktop - transform GIS, CAD, and database sources into data-rich design concepts in InfraWorks and Map 3D

Either way, FME will help you unlock the full potential of data for use in InfraWorks software.

Free! CityGML Importer for Autodesk

Easily import CityGML data into InfraWorks and Map 3D. Completely free of charge. Please note that a license of either Autodesk InfraWorks or AutoCAD Map 3D is required for this option.

FME Desktop: Free 30-day Trial

All the capabilities of the CityGML Importer plus over 400 additional formats, the ability to restructure data and automate workflows.

Which Option is Right for Me?

CityGML Importer

FME Desktop


Free Trial

Import CityGML into InfraWorks and Map 3D

Number of Formats

1 Formats
400+ Formats

Ability to create and edit FME Workspaces

Free Support from the User Community

Free Support from Safe Software

Automation Capabilities

Add or Remove Attribution

Perform Data Validation

Hundreds More Transformation Capabilities