Mark Ireland
   |    October 13, 2008    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelist#23: Creating Measures, Shutdown Scripts, Logged Features

Anatomy of an FME Project: Parts III and IV
Measure Generation from Z Values
Shutdown Scripts and Logged Features
Updated Transformer Help
Drag and Insert Updates

This edition of the FME Evangelist is back to a general mix, with a good example of generating measures, a useful new TCL/Python function, and a sneak peak of a new Transformer Help document; not forgetting the ongoing anatomy of an FME project.

Dale Lutz
   |    October 10, 2008    |    By Dale Lutz

FDO News

Autodesk recently announced two new FDO providers at the FOSS4G conference – and this Cadalyst article quoted Safe’s user wiki, fmepedia, to help define what an FDO provider is. What the article doesn’t mention is that FME Desktop ships with an uber FDO-provider that can read all the formats that FME supports, including rasters. You […]

Mark Ireland
   |    September 27, 2008    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelism – Smallworld UC Special

FME/Smallworld Background,
FME and the Smallworld SIAS,
Behind the Scenes,
Technical Details of a Smallworld Workspace,
Data Streaming and Linking,
What’s New in the FME SpatialBiz Plug-In,
Smallworld 4.1 Support,
Training Offer.

This FME Evangelist is a special edition for the 2008 Smallworld Americas Users Conference. It details a particular scenario that we will be demonstrating at the conference: how to integrate FME Server with a web mapping tool such as SIAS (Smallworld Internet Application Server). It has good information for anyone new to FME, plus news about recent FME-Smallworld enhancements, and mentions techniques useful to most users.

Mark Ireland
   |    September 22, 2008    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelist#22: Anatomy of a Project and Reading Text Backwards

Anatomy of an FME Project: Parts I and II
Creating Blank Workspaces
IGDS Tag Reading
Geometry Handling Parameter
Backwards Text File Reading

This FME Evangelist starts a series of items on building an FME project from scratch, has a simple time-saving tip for Workbench users, announces a new for 2009 MicroStation function, and explains how to examine FME log files by reading them backwards!

Mark Ireland
   |    September 13, 2008    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelist #21: FME Workspace Examples

Raster Alpha Band Compositing
Concatenator Example
Google Earth Time Spans and Hurricanes
OS Grid Square Converter

This FME Evangelist highlights a number of interesting examples of FME use, including information on how to track hurricanes, how to map Scottish mountains, and why a demanding FME user is like a Buddhist ordering a hot dog.

Mark Ireland
   |    September 2, 2008    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelism #20: Usability Improvements

1) Transformer Defaults
2) Sneak Preview: Options Dialog
3) Multi-Attribute Transformers
4) Recent Workspaces List
5) Science Lab: Thanks for the Memory

This FME Evangelist post is all about usability improvements that maintain the balance between flexibility and complexity. In particular there are some useful updates to managing transformers, a couple of GUI improvements, and a core change to memory management that will make every FME user happy!

Dale Lutz
   |    August 25, 2008    |    By Dale Lutz

Microsoft SQL Server Spatial is live – and supported by FME

Many people have been excitedly anticipating the release of Microsoft SQL Server Spatial, and the wait is now over. Because Microsoft holds such a large database market share (some sources state that Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft make up 83% of the market), this move means that the three most widely used database formats now unequivocally […]

Mark Ireland
   |    August 19, 2008    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelism #19: OpenStreetMap, GeoJSON, Transformers Guide

1) Open Street Map Reader
2) GeoJSON 1.0
3) Workbench transformers guide
4) FME and 3D Rock Stars
5) Science Lab: Multi-Threading Follow-Up
6) PADS Walk for Independence

This FME Evangelist post includes details on FME support for OpenStreetMap and GeoJSON 1.0, plus info on updates to our transformers guide, an example of visualizing lidar data, a follow-up to the recent multi-threading article, and a personal note on an upcoming event.

Don Murray
   |    August 13, 2008    |    By Don Murray

ESRI User Conference – GIS for the Masses, Thanks to the Web

I just returned home from attending the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego last week. At all the tradeshows I’ve been to this year, ESRI’s show being no exception, I’ve seen a clear move of GIS data and functionality to the web. The availability of spatial information is critical to fast decision making and […]