Mark Ireland
   |    February 17, 2009    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelist #27 – The "X" Files

XQuery: Reading XML Contents,
XQuery: Handling a Metadata Repository,
Fun Stuff: FME2009 Wallpapers,
Your Spy at Safe: New Tester Sneak Preview,
FME Blog: New and Updated!

This fine week the FME Evangelist highlights some FME2009 XML functionality that anyone might want to use. Plus we explore reading and writing to a CSW metadata repository and take a sneak peak into development of a new Tester transformer.

Michael Weisman
   |    February 11, 2009    |    By Michael Weisman

Open and Accessible Data

The geo-blogosphere has been abuzz in the last week or so about the release of a new RESTful service for spatial data distribution from the city of Nanaimo, BC. It’s an impressive service which gives users a huge amount of power over easily obtaining data from the city. Aside from being able to easily locate […]

Mark Ireland
   |    February 11, 2009    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelist#26: Dude, Where's My Parcel?

New Format: GPX Writing,
New for FME2009: Raster Clipping,
Tip of the Day: Redirects,
Mashup Example: Parcel Tracking,
FME Worldwide User Conference 2009.

This FME Evangelist post continues to highlight the new features of FME2009. Included this time are the GPX format writer, true raster clipping, a tip on customizing the toolbar to handle redirects, and an example of creating a mashup by scraping data from a web site. Oh and info on the upcoming 2009 FME International User Conference.

Paul Nalos
   |    February 4, 2009    |    By Paul Nalos

Leveraging Spatial Queries in ETL

One of the benefits of storing spatial data in database systems is the ability to efficiently query data by location. For example, “where are all the fire hydrants within a certain distance of a given point?” Typically, a variety of spatial interactions are supported, meaning that you can find all the geometries that interact with […]

Mark Ireland
   |    January 19, 2009    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelist#25: Happy Birthday FME2009

Source Feature Type Editing,
TopologyBuilder: Assume Clean Data option,
FME Server: Batch Processing,
FME Server: Email Notifications,
New Format: Adobe Geospatial PDF.

This edition of the FME Evangelist celebrates the release of FME2009 by describing how and why to edit source schemas, demonstrating a neat new option for the TopologyBuilder, and discussing the role of FME Server in batch processing. Oh, we also have details of the new Adobe Geospatial PDF (2D) writer.

Mark Ireland
   |    November 10, 2008    |    By Mark Ireland

FME Evangelist#24: Click Connect, Concatenator, Log Files, and FME Training

A New Chapter in the History of Workbench: Quick Connect,
Your Spy at Safe: New Training Facility,
Anatomy of an FME Project: Parts V and VI,
Concatenator Tip,
Shutdown Scripts and Log Files

This FME Evangelist reports on an important update to FME Workbench, gives insider news on Safe Software’s new training facility, details a couple of useful updates for handling log files in Tcl and Python, plus continues the series “Anatomy of an FME Project” by fetching maps from a web server and outputting them inside a custom HTML template.

Dale Lutz
   |    October 17, 2008    |    By Dale Lutz

Can A World With One Data Format Exist?

I came across some interesting discussions on data models and data formats today on Vector One that are well worth a read: “What is a Spatial Data Model and Why are they Important to Understand?” and “What If A Global Modeling Environment Were to Offer Compatibility With Multiple File Formats?” At Safe, we’re very familiar […]

Dale Lutz
   |    October 15, 2008    |    By Dale Lutz

The Convergence of Geospatial and BIM

Susan Smith recently wrote an interesting article in GIS Weekly about Autodesk’s Digital Cities initiative entitled “Digital Cities: Where Geospatial and Building Information Modeling Converge”. This article is definitely worth a read if you’re interested in this rapidly growing trend in the geospatial industry. I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot […]