Tiana Warner
April 2, 2018    |    By Tiana Warner

FME World Tour 2018 Kickoff & Contest Announcement

The FME World Tour 2018 is underway, with the Safe Software team hitting the road across North America all next week. Travel planning for all of this is so extensive we’ve even got Dmitri on the case: #FMEWT is a huge logistical exercise. I am making a @SafeSoftware @fmecloud service with #FlightXML, Google timezone API, @LeafletJS, Slack and Twilio […]

Mark Ireland
About FME    |    March 27, 2018    |    By Mark Ireland

Lightspeed Batch Processing: The Hidden Update in FME 2018

Batch processing is an important capability for a data translation and transformation tool like FME. So when we implement new functionality and somehow forget to give it much coverage… well my only excuse is that each FME release must have over twenty person-years work put into it, and it’s hard to fit all of that into a one-hour webinar!

The forgotten update in this case is a new parameter in the WorkspaceRunner transformer. While it’s easy to miss, with the right handling and in the right scenario, it can really make FME batch processing fly at lightspeed.

Liz Sanderson
About FME    |    February 27, 2018    |    By Liz Sanderson

The Power of the RCaller for Estimating Biodiversity

The Sigogne GIS-Web Portal provides data on flora and fauna in Franche-Comté, France. Here is how they use FME to calculate and visualize biodiversity in the area. Sigogne presented at the FME World Tour 2017 in France. Register for the FME World Tour 2018 to learn more about their story. Pop quiz: how do scientists […]

Mark Ireland
About FME    |    January 30, 2018    |    By Mark Ireland

How to Join Data with FME and (Maybe) Land Your Dream Job!

When I was interviewed for a job at Safe Software, one question asked was “Do you know the difference between a left join and an inner join?”

Because I’ve had access to FME, I’ve rarely since needed to do SQL joins; so my knowledge of left and inner joins has remained a bit sketchy… until today!

Because today is when I started to try out the latest transformer to hit the Filters and Joins category: The FeatureJoiner.

Riley Greene
About Our Customers    |    January 24, 2018    |    By Riley Greene

Syncing SaaS with FME

Small businesses have gotten SaaS-y! And with good reason. These cloud-hosted solutions execute vital functions at a fraction of the cost of on-site applications. With each having an area of specialization, several are often in use in one organization. Overlap of business processes and information between them necessitates data syncing. Without an integration solution, this […]

Don Murray
Grant Arnold
About FME    |    January 18, 2018    |    By Don Murray and Grant Arnold

Elastic Processing in the Cloud with Docker and FME Server

Cloud and container technologies are key to efficiently completing compute-intensive tasks. We have been experimenting with “Elastic Processing” for large tasks that can be broken into many smaller ones. Here’s how we used FME Server to exploit the elasticity of the cloud. Plus, see how we put it to the test and cut an 8-hour […]

Tiana Warner
About FME    |    January 16, 2018    |    By Tiana Warner

FME 2018.0 Release: Top 23 New Features

FME 2018.0 is now available. Download the latest version of FME There’s a lot to be excited about this release! Our developers have worked hard to make workspace authoring more efficient, to add new formats and transformers, and to completely refresh how you automate your workflows in FME Server. Here are the top 23 new features. For […]

Nathan Hildebrand
About Data    |    January 10, 2018    |    By Nathan Hildebrand

Making Sense of US Census Data With a New FME Transformer

Introducing the USCensusCaller, a new FME Custom Transformer. Here’s how to use it to leverage freely available US Census data, plus how it works, and why this matters. I have always been interested in demographic and geographic data. I keep a collection of atlases from past eras on my bookshelf just so I can pore […]

Tiana Warner
About FME    |    January 9, 2018    |    By Tiana Warner

FME World Tour 2018 Registration is Open

Registration is officially open for the FME World Tour 2018! Save your seat to jump on the chance to learn from the experts. Whether you’re new to FME or a life-long user, you can expect a full day of knowledge at this exciting event. FME World Tour 2018: What’s in it for you? The Safe Software team embarks on […]