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Mark Ireland
March 31, 2016 • 6 min

I recently finished updating the FME Desktop training for 2016. The Performance chapter in the advanced manual is always one of the most difficult to put together, but also the mos...

Mark Ireland
March 23, 2016 • 7 min

You'll almost certainly know that we have an FME World Tour every year, where we send Safe staff around the world to events hosted by us and our partners. You probably also know th...

Mark Ireland
December 15, 2015 • 6 min

Prior to 2016 a lot of FME parameters had just a drop-down or straight list of choices. This was fine in most cases, but decidedly awkward when a list of database tables (for examp...

Mark Ireland
November 3, 2015 • 12 min

This post introduces a really significant function new to FME2016: transformer versioning and updating. This new tool is useful when your "workspace transformer" becomes out of ...

Mark Ireland
April 30, 2015 • 11 min

In Latin they say "tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis" (the times change and we change with them). If you prefer your philosophy to have a Greek bent, Heraclitus said "Every...
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