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Mark Ireland
February 17, 2013 • 14 min

Ideas for FME Server By Mark Ireland Hello FME’ers, As I promised – in my State of the Server address – here’s an article on ideas for FME Server. When I wa...

Mark Ireland
May 6, 2011 • 11 min

If you’ve used FME2011 - or attended our FME World Tour - you may have noticed a new transformer. It’s not often a single transformer gets a whole Evangelist post to itself, bu...

Mark Ireland
October 4, 2010 • 9 min

The fact FME now has an OpenStreetMap Writer in FME2011 is likely to either excite you greatly or make you shrug your shoulders and say "meh". What you meh-sayers need is a good...

Mark Ireland
June 22, 2009 • 9 min

Contents: Extending FME Programmatically, Powering a Google Earth Project Dashboard with FME, Using FME to Drive a Location Based Notification Service. This FME Evangelist reviews...
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