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Mark Ireland
November 22, 2016 • 13 min

At Safe our developers are so busy adding new functionality to FME that sometimes the buzz about GREAT updates drowns out the new tools that are merely "very good"! Today's arti...

Mark Ireland
January 14, 2013 • 21 min

FME2013 Key Functionality Updates: By Mark Ireland Dear users, With the release of any software product, there are inevitably a few updates that grab the headlines and steal attent...

Mark Ireland
October 15, 2012 • 11 min

My Favourite Things: By Mark Ireland It’s that time of year when we all start to look forward to the next release of FME. As usual there are many, many updates. I sometimes t...

Mark Ireland
January 19, 2010 • 12 min

A week after FME2010 was launched, let's look at some of the new transformers in that release, and look at some useful examples: from transit network density to XML metadata templa...
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