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Tiana Warner
August 7, 2018 • 5 min

You’ve been given a dataset that promises to contain valuable information. It’s got maps, measurements, CAD drawings—everything you need to do a great job! Except (sad trombo...

Tiana Warner
April 9, 2014 • 10 min

Data integration means combining information from various sources into something useful. It’s about efficiently managing data and making it available to those who need it.

Mark Ireland
July 19, 2011 • 11 min

I've been getting interested recently in QR codes - having seen them becoming more prominent in daily life - and wondered if there were any useful applications for them using FME. ...

Mark Ireland
March 18, 2011 • 8 min

I created this workspace to take a numeric raster (other than a DEM) and create a textured surface out of it, and I think the results are quite impressive. It shows US rainfall pat...

Mark Ireland
April 6, 2010 • 6 min

This is a brief post about appearances (textures and colours) and how they can be applied to 3D surfaces within FME Workbench.
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