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Mark Ireland
April 8, 2021 • 12 min

Spatial is special for a couple of reasons; one being that it's a field that generates a huge amount of terminology and acronyms! I'm here to cover some of the most common acronyms...

Mark Ireland
May 3, 2012 • 14 min

Greetings FME folk, As promised here is part two of my article on new transformers in 2012. Apologies for it being a week later than planned. It got bumped by my live blog on the F...

Don Murray
February 14, 2012 • 4 min

The world of data is moving away from proprietary systems towards open formats that lend themselves to data sharing. The demand is clear. Data must be free to move more easily than...

Don Murray
August 25, 2011 • 4 min

I have been in technology long enough (since the early 1980’s) to see a number of “Silver Bullets” that were going to change the world. The question I’d like to...

Don Murray
July 20, 2011 • 4 min

I recently attended the INSPIRE Conference in historic Edinburgh. Like last year, it was again a great gathering of folks working to deliver a world leading Spatial Data Infrastruc...

Don Murray
May 18, 2011 • 3 min

Last week, in the first part of Defeating XML & GML, I talked about the fear that many have when it comes to XML and GML. Now, I will explain why the future looks bright for XM...
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