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Erin Lemky
November 24, 2016 • 8 min

Supported by the UK Space Agency, Sterling Geo have been embarking on an innovative project to demonstrate the practical value of earth observation data. Sterling Geo used FME Clou...

Kris Majury
September 10, 2015 • 4 min

What do you do when a fundamental component of your award-winning portal is being retired? That was the challenge posed to the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Division of A...

Mark Ireland
December 5, 2011 • 12 min

This post discusses the example of integrating FME with a mapping toolkit called Mapnik. Mapnik is one of our favourite toolkits at Safe Software and both Dale and I have wanted...

Michael Weisman
July 15, 2010 • 1 min

Martin Davis posed an interesting question recently on his blog, “Is JSON the CSV of the 21st Century?” Generally I would have thought of JSON as a more light-weight and easier...

Dale Lutz
November 6, 2009 • 2 min

It is important to keep things simple, to make choices that are easy for implementers and that make it easy for the standard to be used and adopted.

Michael Weisman
August 26, 2009 • 2 min

Choosing the right format is a topic which has been covered before on this blog. In recent weeks Andrew Turner has written an excellent series of blog posts exploring this issue fr...
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