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Tiana Warner
February 3, 2021 • 4 min

In a dynamic workflow, feature types are not locked to a specific schema. This is a key concept in FME that can greatly simplify your workspaces in situations where the data model ...

Mark Ireland
April 14, 2010 • 12 min

This use case is intended to show a real world scenario for FME dynamic workspaces, and how to integrate dynamic functionality with batching tools like a Dataset Fanout.

Mark Ireland
May 5, 2009 • 7 min

Contents: Generating Dynamic Workspaces, Dynamic Destination Schemas. This FME Evangelist is a quick posting about Dynamic Workspaces which is the incredible new technology fo...

Mark Ireland
March 6, 2009 • 19 min

Contents: FME2009: The Small Stuff, Transformer Defaults: A Reminder and An Update, FME2009 Example: MeasureExtractorToZ, Your Spy at Safe: Inspector Gadget, Sketchup! Did I s...
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