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Mark Ireland
April 20, 2016 • 9 min

With the FME World Tour well under way, and FME coin photos starting to appear all over the map, it's time to cover a few of the new features available in FME2016.1. This articl...

Mark Ireland
October 7, 2014 • 14 min

Here's the second part of my Top Ten FME Tips of All Time! Remember, these are the tips I've gotten from users over the last few weeks - with a few extra ones of my own thrown in t...

Mark Ireland
May 3, 2012 • 14 min

Greetings FME folk, As promised here is part two of my article on new transformers in 2012. Apologies for it being a week later than planned. It got bumped by my live blog on the F...

Mark Ireland
May 6, 2011 • 11 min

If you’ve used FME2011 - or attended our FME World Tour - you may have noticed a new transformer. It’s not often a single transformer gets a whole Evangelist post to itself, bu...

Mark Ireland
August 23, 2010 • 6 min

This post explores a suggestion from an FME training course attendee on how to track assets using a combination of iPhone, Twitter, and GeoRSS. It's simple and quite practical for ...

Mark Ireland
July 8, 2009 • 18 min

This FME Evangelist is the second of a two part review of the FME Server-hosted FMEeopardy! contest from the recent FME User Conference; here we cover in detail how the Answer Subm...
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