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Tiana Warner
April 9, 2014 • 10 min

Data integration means combining information from various sources into something useful. It’s about efficiently managing data and making it available to those who need it. Both a...

Michael Weisman
October 28, 2010 • 2 min

I have always loved working with transit data. It is so similar to road data like TIGER or OSM that we work with so often, but at the same time it is so much different. While a roa...

Michael Weisman
September 29, 2010 • 1 min

Some more great news on the OpenStreetMap (OSM) front. Back in July, MapQuest announced that they were moving towards using OSM data to power their mapping service and they release...

Paul Nalos
May 27, 2010 • 3 min

Spatial data becomes much more valuable when it can be combined, overlaid, and compared with other data. For example, last week Michael discussed how combining disparate data sourc...

Don Murray
March 31, 2010 • 3 min

As Dale mentioned in a recent post we were on the road in the month of March to meet with FME Users in Germany and North America. In April it is off to the UK to meet UK FME users....

Dale Lutz
February 12, 2010 • 4 min

At Safe, we’re now on an annual release cycle, so we’re starting to see some patterns…and so, with apologies to Kübler Ross and the Ferengi , I present the 5 stages of a rel...
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