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Jennifer Luther Thomas
About FME    |    December 20, 2017    |    By Jennifer Luther Thomas

12 Days of FME Hackathon – Results and Recap

Every time I’ve organised a hackathon I’m always so worried that no one will participate. Which is possibly the most irrational fear ever — I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like or want to build cool things with FME. The same thing happened with the 12 Days of FME Hackathon. Most of the entries didn’t […]

Jamey Gillis
About FME    |    December 18, 2017    |    By Jamey Gillis

The Cartographer’s Guide to FME: 6 Steps to Making Beautiful Maps

The best maps are those that embrace both science and art, making them both informative and eye-pleasing, both accurate and expressive. To make this happen, cartography has to include both automation and creative design— a process of gathering, filtering, manipulating, and styling data. The challenge is achieving all of this in a smooth workflow, one that’s repeatable […]

Mark Ireland
About FME    |    December 14, 2017    |    By Mark Ireland

Spatial Asset Tracking: The Return of the QR Code

Let’s pretend you’re a city maintenance department responsible for recycling bins; or a utilities company putting temporary equipment into the field. You would certainly want to know where those assets are, and you’d want a way to identify them. You might even like a way to update their status when they’re moved, or to get help finding missing equipment.

Well I think you can do all that and more with a combination of FME and QR codes. So if you thought QR codes were of no interest or use to your organization, read on and I promise to show you something special that will change your mind!

Mark Ireland

This post about creating an FME Hub transformer for spatial sorting was what you call a long-burner, given that I started on the project 18 months ago!

But I persevered and am writing about it here because I think it’s a good example for various FME capabilities: Python scripting, affine warping, custom transformers, the FME Hub, and – perhaps most of all – a solution to sorting data by spatial location.

Raven Kopelman
About FME    |    December 5, 2017    |    By Raven Kopelman

JDBC: The Swiss Army Knife of Database Formats

Swiss Army Knives All the Way Down We like to say that “FME is the Swiss army knife for your data”, on account of FME’s ability to solve so many different kinds of problems.  Some of this power stems from FME embedding other tools with Swiss army knife qualities: GDAL, ODBC, and my favorite, JDBC. […]

Jennifer Luther Thomas
About FME    |    November 30, 2017    |    By Jennifer Luther Thomas

Holiday Hackathon: 12 Days of FME

I’ve been at Safe Software for over a year now, and wow that time has flown! Before I came to Safe, I’d seen through social media that they have internal events called ‘Garbage Daze’ and ‘Innovation Daze’, and now I’ve been here to see those events happen. However, what Garbage Daze and Innovation Daze have […]

Dmitri Bagh
About FME    |    November 27, 2017    |    By Dmitri Bagh

Spatially Enabled Video Editing with FME

FME for video processing—is it even possible? By integrating a few tools, I was able to use FME to make videos and display them in a web browser. This project started as a timelapse video of the new Safe office, and evolved into georeferenced satellite movies, GPS tracks interacting with videos, and beyond. Here’s how […]

Robyn Jones
About FME    |    November 3, 2017    |    By Robyn Jones

Safe Software Wins 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Safe Software was honoured to receive the Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award yesterday at the 2017 Surrey Business Excellence Awards gala. Presented by the Surrey Board of Trade and sponsored by CN, this annual award recognizes the work of companies who contribute to the social, environmental and business welfare of the City of Surrey. “We’re […]

Wendy Lintunen
About FME    |    October 16, 2017    |    By Wendy Lintunen

Safe’s Jay Walkers Light Up the Night

On Saturday, October 14th, Safe’s Jay Walkers showed their support for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Light The Night” event. This year’s charity walk attracted more than 1,200 people (and too many dogs to count!). The sea of red, white and gold lanterns that flowed along the Stanley Park seawall was an amazing sight to […]