At Safe we’ve been excited to see that FME users are having great success with both the Enterprise Subscription and the Local Government subscription offerings. As of FME 2020, we have added two subscription plans to the list, which make the FME Platform more accessible for Small Utilities and Educational Institutions.

Small Utilities Subscription

Let’s talk about the Small Utilities Subscription. Pricing for this is based on the number of customers that the utility serves. We are excited about this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Many Small Utilities use FME but can’t afford to deploy and leverage the entire FME Platform, and this program gives them all the FME they need for one annual price.
  2. It further extends our successful subscription program to reach new users.

Learn more about Small Utilities Subscription Pricing

Education Subscription

Another subscription we want to highlight is the Education Subscription. Pricing for this is based on the size of the student population that attends the institution.

This is targeted at Universities, Colleges, school districts, and other educational institutions. Here are a few details with regard to this subscription model:

Learn more about Education Subscription Pricing

Did you know?

For education and research purposes, FME is 100% free:

How do these Subscriptions Work?

In these subscription models, organizations pay one annual subscription fee for unlimited use of FME (Desktop and Server) within their organization.  The annual fee is based purely on the size of their student or customer population.

There are no restrictions and so with this program they can set up multiple deployments such as test, development, staging, sandbox and production as needed.

How does this complement the previously announced FME Enterprise Subscription Model?

This depends on the size of the organizations.

Qualifying organizations may discover that:

We did this because we recognize that smaller organizations have smaller budgets and smaller teams, and we want everyone to be able to automate their enterprise no matter their size.

Larger Utilities and Educational Institutions may discover that:

CapEx vs OpEx

From a pure procurement flexibility standpoint, it goes without saying that flexible options are always good. With both our traditional purchase model and our new subscription offerings, FME fits into either your CapEx (perpetual) or OpEx(subscription) budgets.

It’s All About Choice

To be clear, we aren’t taking away any of the previous options for procuring FME. We are simply striving to offer you even more flexibility and cost-effective ways to take advantage of the FME Data Integration Platform. These are exciting times for all of us as we see FME deployments accelerating, reaching more and more organizations and tackling more and more data integration challenges!


Questions about our subscription offerings?
Learn more about the benefits and ask questions live in our upcoming webinar: How To Get The Most Out Of FME With Our Subscription Offerings.


Craig Vernon

Craig is VP Customer Experience & Sales at Safe Software and has been working here for almost 20 years. He’s infamous around the office for being the one to beat during our Halloween costume contest. In addition to meeting users and having fun in the office, Craig enjoys watching Frozen with his daughters.


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