FME 2018.1 is now available! Here’s a quick look at what’s new in FME Desktop and FME Server.

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New Formats

Recent FME AR iOS app updates


New Transformers

Identifying ships: feature extraction using the new RasterConvolver transformer. Blog coming soon.

Format Enhancements

Transformer Enhancements

Other FME Desktop Updates

What’s New in FME Server 2018.1

While we thought FME Server 2018.0 was a great release (check out the launch webinar here ICYMI), we think the new features in 2018.1 are going to make a lot of people happy!

Job Filtering

FME Server 2018.0 made a start at implementing job filtering but we know that people wanted more based on our Ideas Exchange.

In FME Server 2018.1 you can filter by User, Status, Engine, Repository and Workspace, which will make it a lot easier to find jobs on a busy server!

Column Control

On the jobs pages, you can now control which columns you want to be displayed.

There’s also a new column for job duration.

Job Priority in Job Queues

If anyone attended the FME World Tour this year you may have been told about job priority and its deprecation in FME Server 2018.1. Going forwards, if you want to control the priority of a job you can do this by choosing a queue when you submit it.

Queues allow you to control which engines process which jobs and what priority those jobs will run at. You can also assign repositories to use a specific queue.

A queue with a priority of 1 means that jobs in that queue will always get processed first. Think of it like number 1 means 1st place or first in line… and 10 would be 10th place, or last.

When you submit a job, you have the optional choice of selecting a queue that has the priority that you need. If you don’t set a queue, it will use the queue assigned to the repository where the workspace is, or the default queue if that hasn’t been set up.

For more information about queues, see this blog post.

Download Workspaces

You can now download workspaces from more places in the FME Server web interface, wherever you see this symbol: 

Users can now download workspaces from FME Server on the Home, Run Workspace, Job Detail, and Repository pages.

Active Directory

For a brief while, if you configured FME Server to use Active Directory, you had to make sure users were inputting their details case sensitively. With FME Server 2018.1 you no longer have to worry about that and CAN TYPE usernames hOwEver yOU Want (case insensitive).

Now when you add users from Active Directory, if the username exists you’ll be prompted to rename the username that you’re importing.

FeatureReader and FeatureWriter Services Compatibility

The FeatureReader and FeatureWriter transformers can now be used as part of FME Server authoring workflows when registering a workspace with a service, like Job Submitter or Data Download.

In the options for ‘Send HTTP Message Body to Reader’ you can now select a FeatureReader input and for the ‘Include Writers in Download/Stream’ you can choose a FeatureWriter transformer.

Fault Tolerance is out of Technology Preview

FME Server supports configuring fault tolerance throughout the multiple levels of an integrated system. FME Server provides fault tolerance by restarting components and jobs when crashes occur ensuring there is no single point of failure. When two FME Server systems are configured together, fault tolerance is achieved automatically.

For more information, check out this section in the FME Server Administration training manual.

And one last thing…

Kubernetes will be in tech preview for FME Server 2018.1. If you’re interested in more information on this, please contact support.

View detailed change logs for FME Desktop 2018.1 and FME Server 2018.1

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