Every time I’ve organised a hackathon I’m always so worried that no one will participate. Which is possibly the most irrational fear ever — I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like or want to build cool things with FME.

The same thing happened with the 12 Days of FME Hackathon. Most of the entries didn’t trickle in until the second week, but it was definitely worth the wait (and the number of emails I’d wake up to every day)!

I also think it might be the most viewed question on our Q&A forum, with 2200 views.

I won’t list all of the entries we had — you can check them out for yourself!

Here’s a shout-out to the top 3:

Third Place

Andras Revesz from Barnsley Council submitted the FME Server Log Saver and Timeline Visualiser.

This entry takes the job history of all FME Server jobs and saves them to a database, and uses the Google Charts API to display the workspaces, job number, and when they ran.

Second Place

Dave Eagle from 1Spatial created a FlexNet License Analyser custom transformer, allowing people to keep an eye on how many licenses are checked out and who has them. It’s hard to say if this alone got him to second place — or did the additional photo of a cute puppy help?

This definitely sparked a lot of interest and comments, so hopefully we’ll see something in 2018 uploaded to FME Hub!

First Place

In first place is Sigbjørn Herstad from Norkart who created an un-environmentally friendly process to turn 3D modelled buildings into 2D gingerbread templates. Each part of the 3D building is exploded and put onto one page of a PDF, which you can then print out as a template for a gingerbread house. Perhaps when we move offices in 2018 we could put this to the test!

Note: Paper, bakery and gingerbread ingredients not included.

As the first-place winner, Sigbjørn will receive an FME holiday prize pack. I hope we get some photos of the hat and scarf being worn whilst de-icing a car and holding a lunchbox!


Thanks to everyone who participated in the 12 Days of FME Hackathon! Everyone who submitted an entry gets the Holiday Hacker badge and a little boost in reputation (let me know if you’re missing one).

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Jen is the FME Server Technology Expert Team Lead at Safe Software. She enjoys lifting heavy things and being active outdoors. She enjoys these things so much that she’s hoping to qualify for powerlifting nationals 2020!


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