Imagine being able to train your GIS to perceive and understand the world, and give you insights based on your data. Today, geospatial experts are using machine learning for:

  1. Analyzing big datasets (what do these 2 million points actually mean?)
  2. Predictive analytics (e.g. forecasting risk)

Listen to the podcast with @mapgirll and me, where we discuss how machine learning could be the next step for geospatial data.

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Links to stuff we talked about:

About Data Geospatial Data Machine Learning Podcast

Tiana Warner

Tiana is a product marketing manager at Safe Software. Her background in computer programming and creative hobbies led her to be one of the main producers of creative content for Safe Software. Tiana spends her free time writing fantasy novels and riding her horse, Bailey.


4 Responses to “Podcast: Machine Learning and Geospatial Data”

  1. Showbox says:

    Machine Learning is really such an interesting subject and this podcast sums it up very well.

    Keep doing the great work Tiana and Jenny 🙂

  2. Solar Movie says:

    ‘Sensors, sensors everywhere!’ Seems to be the future. Many of the sensors are linked to location information. Which means there’s plenty of geolocation data that we can use to make better decisions. But sensor data is messy and incomplete.

  3. Machine learning may seem complex but it is interesting and futuristic.

  4. PPSSPP Games says:

    Great share Tiana,
    I love to know more about machine learning and your podcast was very informative

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