Indoor mapping is being adopted by venues around the world, including airports, malls, universities, and museums. Not only does this help the public navigate large venues, but it also offers venue owners business intelligence by tracking foot traffic.

Join @mapgirll and me in a chat about various indoor wayfinding solutions and how the technology works.

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Links to stuff we talked about:

Indoor map of YVR airport, viewed in the FME Data Inspector.

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Tiana Warner

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5 Responses to “Podcast: How Indoor Mapping Providers Work”

  1. Pro4people says:

    Seems like it really become more and more useful. Thanks for the podcast:)

  2. […] With FME 2018 you can move data into Apple Venue Format from applications like AutoCAD, Revit and Tririga. Below is an indoor map of YVR airport, viewed in the FME Data Inspector. If you are interested in indoor mapping and would like to learn more, Safe Software recently did a pod cast on indoor mapping you can listen to HERE. […]

  3. Alex Lock says:

    Hi I have a quesyion
    Will there be any cost involved in preparing the indoor amp when submiting to apple or google map

    would appreciate for a response asap:)

    • Tiana Warner says:

      Hi Alex,

      Apple and Google don’t charge anything to submit indoor maps to them. They want people to use their services for indoor mapping, so it’s a win-win. For the data preparation part, it depends how much is involved in converting your data into a format accepted by these services. For Apple Maps, for example, you can build a conversion workflow in FME (free trial / free if you have the FME Home Use License) and use the free IMDF Validator to ensure it complies with IMDF standards: Then you submit the finished IMDF dataset to Apple Maps Connect.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Smith Hennry says:


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