3D printing is permeating every industry from architecture to filmmaking. @mapgirll and I highlight some of the latest commercial uses of 3D printing, including:

  1. Rapid prototyping — e.g. scale models
  2. Customized objects — e.g. shoes, prosthetics
  3. Mass production — e.g. car parts
  4. Reconstruction — e.g. paleontology, forensics
  5. … and a few pretty weird examples.

We discuss how the technology works and how you can 3D print something, and the important steps involved in a 3D printing workflow. Plus, hear a real example of how Oslo converted terrain and building models and printed a scale model of the city.

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Links to stuff we talked about:

3D Printing About Data OBJ Podcast Stl

Tiana Warner

Tiana is a product marketing manager at Safe Software. Her background in computer programming and creative hobbies led her to be one of the main producers of creative content for Safe Software. Tiana spends her free time writing fantasy novels and riding her horse, Bailey.


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