Autodesk A360 is a cloud solution like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. made specifically for sharing and collaborating on Autodesk projects.

A360 is a web service for collaborating on CAD projects in the cloud.

What I love about this platform is that Autodesk specifically designed it for what they’re good at: 2D/3D data. Sure, you could use any cloud service to share AutoCAD project files, but this is the only one fine-tuned for it. For starters, check out that browser-based inspection tool. Ooh la la. The performance is excellent and it has useful functions like measuring, markup, camera toggles, layer management, etc. Then you’ve got proper file versioning (something unique to A360), thumbnail previews, wiki pages, and other project management functionality.

✔ A360 is designed for CAD and BIM projects

✔ It supports file versions (!!)

✔ It has a neato and very performant browser-based inspector for 2D and 3D data

Getting data to and from A360 with FME

So, we’ve got yet another endpoint in a growing universe of data systems. That’s why we built FME, the pipes to let data flow between it all.

To get data of any format into A360, and to get data out of A360 and into any other format, you just need the AutodeskA360Connector.

Use FME’s AutodeskA360Connector to upload, download, and list file/folder information.

You can also browse to your A360 data from within FME Workbench using FME’s ‘web as a filesystem’ functionality.

Selecting an AutoCAD dataset from the web to bring into the FME workspace.

To learn how to do this, check out the tutorial my colleague Natalie just added to the FME Knowledge Center:

Tutorial: Getting Started with Autodesk A360 using FME

A360 migration in the real world

quotes “Moving our entire business into cloud solutions was a way to make a major leap toward digitalization of the construction industry.” — Patrik Lindvall, Bonava


Our platinum partner Sweco worked with Bonava to automatically move terabytes of data out of several legacy systems and into A360. Check out their story to see the full workflow, from the FME workspace used to prepare the files, to the simple one used to perform the uploading, to the final one used to verify everything was successful.

In creating this functionality to integrate with A360, Safe Software became one of the first adopters of the Autodesk Forge API. Read more about Sweco’s story on the Autodesk Forge blog.

How are you using A360?

We’d like to know what you’re using A360 for, and what functionality you would like to see in FME to help you get your data to/from this web service. Leave a comment here or submit your ideas on the FME Knowledge Center.

Learn more about Autodesk A360 Integration with FME


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