Okay. That evening social though. If you need one reason to come to the next FME UC, let that be it.

Darth Vader, acrobats, cotton candy, room full of awesome games, green screen photobooth, virtual reality, and oxygen bar.

Today we woke up extra early and ran around the seawall. Ha ha, just kidding. Some people did. I was not one of them.

Jan Bliki: European Environment Agency + FME Server

Our keynote today was Jan Bliki, data expert at the European Environment Agency. Since bringing FME into the EEA in 2013, they’ve grown to have among the largest FME Server installations.

Jan discussed his work with the EEA, handling data flows with FME and managing eighty datasets covering thirty three countries in Europe. Their small team handles large and complex datasets, and their workflows cover every possible problem you can imagine on spatial and tabular aspects.

The EEA employs FME Desktop, Server, and Cloud to make this not only manageable, but also very successful for data production in Europe.

Fireside Chat with Don and Dale

I had the pleasure of hosting a fireside chat with Don and Dale this morning, where I got to spend 45 minutes asking them questions coming in live from the audience.

We covered everything from what’s coming in FME to the challenges of running a company to who drives a faster car.

Sessions, FME Doctors, Video Booth, and More

Breakout sessions continued to be inspirational and full of amazing feats of data wrangling. In the social room, the day was full of more FME Doctoring, videoboothing, and photoboothing.

If last night’s social wasn’t enough, tonight we have a Hackathon! This is the chance for attendees to show off their FME skills and work together to build something awesome. The challenge is to build something for earth observation. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Keep following @fmeuc and the #fmeuc hashtag for events as they happen.

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